"One criteria of a successful leader is the ability to bring changes and improve continuously."

Eric Cheung, CEO
Resources China, Publicis Groupe
Working together

To help our clients find the executives they need, we must understand not just their human-resource needs but also their overall corporate vision and business goals.

This means finding out about their corporate strengths, the areas they want augmenting, the opportunities they want to exploit and the challenges they face.

Only by working together can we get companies the executives they need to confront the challenges lying ahead.

"Business is not just about monetary reward. It is a quest for creativity, achievements, life satisfaction and social responsibility."

Vicky Wong
Managing Consultant

Creative Visualization, Shakti Gawain

"NINE LIVES -The Birth of Avant-Garde Art in New China"
by Karen Smith

China’s avant-garde artists, dismissed and denied through the 1980s, returned to the fold in the late 1990s. They transformed from rags to riches, outcast to hero, social pariah to cutting-edge cool of a Chinese society adapting to this new era. Their success is not because they have changed, but because China has changed, and the ideology that once denied them now operates a cultural policy of laissez-faire that is tantamount to encouragement.