“Apart from the fast developing hardware infrastructure, the key challenge in China operation is its software – people. Managing people is the critical success factor for American multinationals in China.”

Mr. Harley Seyedin
American Chamber of Commerce South China

Talent market briefings

As a knowledgable leader in human resources management, EPC Consulting publishes articles and reports on their areas of expertise. A selection appears below.

On the move to Pearl River Delta Integration
- Unlocking the New Promise Land for Transformation

"The integrating Pearl River Delta opens a new promised land for opportunities for international and Chinese executives - the land for career change and talent transformation..."

On the move to the Beijing Olympics
- The Human Talent Race

"Executives, in a way, all sport players - completing in a series of interconnected games. Human talent who best catch market momentum and opportunities, who are well prepared for new game rules, who can structure and strategize their own games, have the best competitive advantages to win..."

The Needs for Executives in the Paris of the Orient

"As Shanghai moves forward as the financial and consumer service engine for China's growth, executives are required to work hard about their cost-benefit advantages for very competitive executive market there..."






"It is the attempt to marry the often impersonal wants of a successful business with the very personal needs of a successful businessperson … to find new ways to push the limits of business, to change its language, to make it a force for positive change."

Anita Roddick,
The Body Shop ”

"How to get things done"
by David Allen

This book is for all those who are overwhelmed with too many things to do, too little time to do them, and a general sense of unease that something important is being missed. If you are part of the few that do not fit that bill, you can ignore it.