Project management

For every search assignment, we create a dedicated management team comprising of an account manager, execution consultant and research associate.

Before undertaking a search we will:

  • Analyze the position that needs filling through a series of in-depth fact-finding interviews with our client.
  • Rationalize the client's needs and design a position specification.
  • Develop a client-specific search strategy.
  • Review all requirements which have to be met.

With all the relevant criteria established, we will then:

  • Target candidates and companies
  • Thoroughly research and screen candidates
  • Interview and assess candidates
  • Produce a final shortlist for presentation to the client
  • Conduct reference checking
  • Offer negotiation assistance
  • Complete client and executive evaluation follow-up

Throughout the process we our emphasis is on quality, on-time delivery of results, with regular, confidential communications.

"Follow the heart, and manage at ease"

Lao Tze, Chinese philosopher, 604-c521 B.C

"TAI CHI - The Inner Energy, Strength and Methodology"
by Ji Zou-de, Tai Chi Master

For health, for the heart, for wisdom, and inner energy flow …
Tai Chi and Qigong, the ancient Chinese Kung-fu (methodology) developed by Taoists to balance life force, health and harmony within the body, have impressive natural facilitation in releasing blockages in mind-set, and initiating innovative thinking.